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Concrete - Original - Radiant

Sandra Camuffo

WE+ Network Founder

Interested in personal development, expert in organizational duties, believes that company success is only achieved through a mobilization of the energies, the capabilities, and skills of those who work within them.

Directional consultant, Executive Coach and Trainer, founded WE+Network convinced that to promote innovation one must search for an unprecedented and unique approach to the consulting industry. Open, fluid dialogue, the reciprocal exchange of ideas, and constructive criticism between experienced consultants are the fundamental components to produce valuable solutions for clients.

Understands the processes and dynamics of organizations; expert in people’s movement and operations within companies and how to effectively enable the synergy between the organizational and the individual components of the corporation: a key factor in harmonizing the pursuit of achieving goals and a positive corporate environment.

Rational and pragmatic, knows how to aid people in recognizing the characteristic context and elements to develop new, efficient, and sustainable behavioral strategies. Convinced that change inside and outside the company is an integral part of life, knows how to support people in helping them hone in on their process of personal change and in helping them change objectives into actions, using these as leverage to overcome all obstacles.

Since 2004, has performed training and consulting having to do with skill development and managing tactics, assessment, and executive coaching. Has shadowed managers and other emerging talents at Italian and other multinational companies. Professor of Business Skills Coaching Master’s Degree, and has experience with coordinating instruction at primary coaching schools.

Has a long history with management in a large Italian group in the TLC sector where, in the course of more than 20 years, has covered roles with increasing responsibilities in the department of Human Resource and has had the responsibility of supporting and managing organizational change projects of high complexity.

Designs, coordinates, and supplies interventional programs and projects for managerial development and for organizations. Has consolidated experience in managing supporting interventions for growth, with assessment, development center, 360° feedback sessions, skills mapping and defining skills models. Trainer in experiential paths for managerial and leadership growth.

Graduated with a degree in Law, attended a Masters in Business Administration at Istud, and a Masters in Executive Coaching at SCOA. Is a Master Certified Business Coach and Full Member of the WABC.



Profound - Makes things happen - Networker

Barbara Parmeggiani

WE+ Network Founder

Executive Consultant, Psychotherapist and Business Coach, Barbara’s broad-spectrum experience stems from her anthropological and fine psychological background, in combination with an extensive familiarity with business and Corporations across different industries.

A resourceful thinker for Leadership and Change Management, Assessment & Development, Communication and Knowledge sharing, Barbara loves to coach Individuals and Teams towards excellence and results. The ideas and concepts that she develops from this practices can be found in articles and books .

After 10 years in the HR department within the IT Industry, Barbara entered positions of Management, Senior Leadership and Business development in the Consultancy Industry in Italy and Europe. She gained confidence within international environments and English as a working language. She can also coach in Spanish and French.

Barbara is now in the teaching staff of Luiss Business School, where she is passionate in the training of young adults of the MBA courses and managers from the Private and Public sector. Her desire to develop a remarkable knowledge of psychological processes and reactions, to better understand the real dynamics of change in organizations and individuals, led her to found and develop the Center for the Study of Relationships and Links, where she acts as Chairman, and to gain psychotherapeutical expertise in the Jungian approach.

She is one of the founders of WE+Network.


Anthropologist, Certified Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Barbara is Full Member of WABC (World Association of Business Coaches) and designated RCC (Registered Corporate Coach) by WABC.



Enthusiasm - Smile - Determination

Federica Setti

WE+ Network Founder

Interested in the research and innovation of approaches and methods for the development of individuals and organizations, after several years of managerial and coaching experience she founded WE+Network convinced that the synthesis of experiences and interests of senior professionals can give raise to new ideas and proposals capable of creating added value for people improvement and to help companies sustain competitiveness and effectiveness.

With her first hand knowledge of the working mechanisms of organizations, Federica knows how to support people in strenghtening their organizational awareness, whilst seeking out and setting in motions the synergies between organizational and personal needs and goals. With her firm belief that people can give of their best when balancing energies and satisfaction, she can help in discovering and harnessing the key strategies and competences to increase sustainability and satisfaction in professional development.Convinced that “change is possible” if it is wanted and that in any situation one can single out positive aspects to support and consolidate personal growth, she is skilled in helping people recognize their own talents and turn them into a lever of personal and professional efficacy to reach the results wanted.

Since 2006 she is a business coach and has worked alongside top and middle managers or talents on their journeys of professional development in Italian and multinational companies. She is a lecturer in Master programmes for business coaching training and has a proven experience as a didactic coordinator in leading Schools of coaching.

Federica has acquired a significant experience in the field of organizational consulting and change management acting as a Project Manager on behalf of leading companies of management consulting in Italian and multinational companies. She has held managerial positions in Personnel and Human Resources and coordinated recruitment, training, performance evaluation and rewarding processes.

She plans, coordinates and implements intervention programmes and projects for managerial and organizational development and has a proven experience in handling interventions for development such as assessment, development centre, 360° feedback session, mapping of competencies and definition of competency models. She is an experienced trainer in experimental approaches for managerial and leadership development.

After obtaining a Degree in Political Sciences Federica was awarded a Master Degree in Business Administration by the LUISS School of Management and a Master Degree for Executive and Business Coaching by SCOA. She is a Certified Business Coach (CBC) and a Full Member of  the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), a Member of SCP Italy and of ICF International. She is fluent in English and has a good command of French.




Federico Bussi

Federico was born on 11th March 1956. Following his university studies on sociology and economics, he began his professional activity in 1983 at the Fondazione Censis in Rome, developing studies and research projects on social and economic issues, with a special attention to education and human resources development. Thereafter, he managed projects at international level, gaining a vast experience in various fields, from local development programmes to being responsible of the sales department in a private company (among others).

Since 1998 he operates in quality of independent consultant worldwide as Trainer on Project Cycle Management (PCM Logical Framework Approach), Facilitator of participative workshops and conferences and Business Coach (WABC accredited). He works extensively for public and private organisations in Europe, Latin and Central America, Africa and Eastern Europe. 

Federico is a Senior researcher in the field of social and economic development, institutional capacity building and management of human resources.

Federico is Italian mother-tongued and fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Luca De Gaudenzi

Business-Executive Coach e Counselor

Luca is a Chartered Business Coach™. He supports clients in delicate professional and personal  transitions both through on-to-one and team coaching initiatives.  Luca started his career at Andersen Consulting – Accenture in  the Change Management Professional Family where he focused  on the Human Impact of Innovation and Process & Technology  Transformation.

In 2006 Luca launched his own practice based in Italy – “DeGa”  providing professional services as a Change Management  Advisor-Coach or as a Teacher-Coach of Organization and  Management Behaviors both in large international and small national companies.

Luca collaborates with Flower & Klein (Swiss Executive Search).

He has contributed to coaching culture diffusion in Italy by collaborating with an Italian pioneer coaching institution and is part of WE+Network as an associate.

Combining coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and consulting theories and frameworks Luca’s “Model of practice” is in line with:

  • Harvard Business Coaching model: “Coaching borrows both from consulting and therapy”
  • Middlesex University model “Building your own coaching framework for complex times”
  • INSEAD Leadership Coaching Model “To direct a person or a group of people toward a specific mutually determined goal” (Kets de Vries 2008)


  • 2013: Worldwide Association of Business Coaches: Chartered Business Coach™: (Program completed through the Professional Development Foundation and Middlesex University London)
  • 2012: Ministry of Grace and Justice: Certified Mediator
  • 2011: Worldwide Association of Business Coaches: WABC Certified Business Coach™ (Program completed through SCOA Milan)
  • 1996-2003: Andersen-Accenture change management development path  (Chicago and Milan).
  • 1994–University of Turin: degree in Business Studies & Management


Italian (native), English and French (Fluent)


Field Hockey, Skying, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Tennis, Motorcycle, Readings

Vinicio De Luca

Business Coach, Business Manager, Project Manager
Riflessivo e risolutivo - Semplifica la complessità - Ricerca la verità

Affascinato dai problemi complessi e dalle dinamiche relazionali, Vinicio ha trovato nelle grandi realtà aziendali una palestra ideale per elaborare riflessioni e comportamenti più adatti al raggiungimento dei risultati e alla soddisfazione del cliente, minimizzando tensioni e incomprensioni che le difficoltà facilmente ingenerano lungo il percorso. Abbinando le tecniche di Coaching all’esperienza sviluppata in campo si è meglio strutturato e ha potuto realizzare il proprio desiderio di supportare organizzazioni e persone nella loro crescita professionale e nei cambiamenti più funzionali alla loro evoluzione.

Vinicio è ingegnere con una lunga esperienza come responsabile di business e come project manager in azienda multinazionale.  Ha lavorato sia in ambito industriale sia consulenziale, acquisendo dimestichezza con tematiche di processi produttivi e dell’offerta di servizi consulenziali ad alto valore.

Ha assunto ruoli di guida e di responsabilità che richiedono esperienza, autonomia decisionale e orientamento al risultato, supportato dall’attitudine alla risoluzione dei problemi, all’ascolto e alla comprensione delle dinamiche interpersonali, rappresentando l’azienda anche in eventi pubblici.

Ha curato la crescita e la motivazione professionale delle persone, e il superamento di conflitti interni ed esterni alla squadra, con attenzione al raggiungimento degli obiettivi individuali e di gruppo, gestendo situazioni di emergenza e crisi con efficacia. Lavorando anche negli Stati Uniti ed in vari Stati europei, Vinicio ha acquisito ulteriore sensibilità alle dinamiche inter-culturali.

Le competenze più rilevanti di Vinicio includono coaching, selezione, formazione e crescita di nuove risorse, comunicazione e marketing aziendale, gestione progetti internazionali e promozione di servizi consulenziali, ottimizzazione di processi produttivi, previsioni di budget, introduzione nuovi prodotti.

Laureato in Ingegneria Elettronica, iscritto all’’Albo degli Ingegneri di Roma, certificato Project Manager Professional (PMP) e membro del PMI Chapter Roma dal 2003, ha seguito il corso Business Coaching Lab ed ha acquisito la designazione di Registered Corporate Coach di WABC. E’ associato a Weplusnetwork.



Executive Coach, trainer, assessor ed esperta  in sviluppo personale. Ha maturato un’estesa esperienza professionale nell’area HR, dapprima in azienda come responsabile delle attività di formazione, selezione e sviluppo, successivamente nella consulenza, dove supporta le aziende clienti nello sviluppo delle competenze manageriali utili alla crescita delle persone e delle organizzazioni attraverso la gestione di progetti di formazione, coaching, valutazione del potenziale e delle competenze. Nel corso della sua  esperienza ha lavorato con organizzazioni di medie e grandi dimensioni in ambito pubblico e privato. Carmela è Laureata in Psicologia e iscritta all’Albo degli Psicologi del Lazio. Ha frequentato un Master in Human Resources e il Corporate Coaching Program presso Corporate Coach U Italia Srl, conseguendo la certificazione ACC (Associate Corporate Coach) presso International Coach Federation (ICF).


Organizational Development Consultant and Business Coach. More than 15 years’ experience as HR within Multinational companies, (Ford Motor Company, Ericsson Telecommunications) gaining a deep knowledge of organizational processes and dynamics, supporting Executives with Leadership Development, Talent and Change Management.

Always interested in people’s development, she has personally experienced the value and effectiveness of coaching as a practice that can accelerate change process and activate synergies between business goals and personal needs. Main Human Resources reference for Talent Management and Multi- Country programs to promote the culture and practice of coaching and mentoring, as effective levers of individual and organizational development.

University Degree in Psychology “Work and Organizations”, she is certified DISC and Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Affiliate Member and Accredited as Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) at the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™). Since 2016, she is part of the We+ Network “Business Coaching LAB” training team. She holds the International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate” from AoEC, UK (Academy of Executive Coaching). Fluent in English and French.

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Stella Laterza

HR Senior Consultant, assessor e coach, ha un’esperienza professionale di oltre 25 anni nell’ambito delle Risorse Umane. Il suo percorso è iniziato in un grande gruppo italiano nel settore dei servizi, dove ha avuto modo di sviluppare le sue competenze in diversi ambiti, ricoprendo per molti anni ruoli manageriali nell’Area Human Resources. Durante l’esperienza aziendale si è occupata di Formazione, Sviluppo, Organizzazione e Gestione, consolidando un know how approfondito sulle diverse aree di attività.

Particolarmente interessata ai temi legati allo sviluppo del capitale umano, ha realizzato progetti di Sviluppo Organizzativo, Development e Assessment Center, Selezione, Coaching, percorsi formativi post assessment e di implementazione delle competenze e integrazione con i sistemi di gestione del personale, lavorando per aziende e società di consulenza.

Laureata in Scienze Politiche, ha frequentato un Master in executive coaching presso SCOA. E’ Master Certified Business Coach e Full Member WABC ed è EQ Management e SEI Assessment Certified per lo sviluppo delle capacità personali e manageriali sul tema dell’Intelligenza Emotiva.

Alberto Marino

Alberto Marino is founder and Managing Partner of LISTENIA, an Italian Management Consulting company established in 2016, as well as co-founder and CEO of DOYOUCOACH, an innovative start-up which manages the first Italian web based coaching marketplace, providing professional online coaching services for private clients and corporations. Alberto has over 30 years’ experience, firstly as an internal Human Resources Professional and Manager within Italian and French companies, and then as a Senior Partner and Project Leader, in the field of Human Resources Consultancy. During his 18-year career as an external corporate consultant, he provided design, coordination and delivery of innumerable national and international projects (mainly in the fields of Managerial Training, Executive Coaching, Assessment & Development Center, Team Building, Employee Training & Development, Engagement Campaigns), aimed at implementing people development strategies and boosting leadership for many client organizations.

Alberto holds expertise in leading organizational change, executive development, energizing personal growth through coaching at the individual and team level. As an executive coach, Alberto helps his clients to create strategies for personal and organizational growth with a focus on performance.

Alberto is a Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has been awarded the ICF designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He is also Professional Leadership Coach (PLC) and Team Coach with The Forton Group.

Giorgio Montefiore


Expert and certified for designing and facilitating workshops with the Lego® Serious Play® method to problem solving and communication improvements.

International Operational Excellence expert (LSS Black Belt certified) for process continuous improvement and strategy execution.

International management consultant and Lean-Six Sigma methodology trainer.

Twenty-year experience, inter-cultural exposure, both strategic and operational “hands-on”, line and staff as well as sales and operations skills in multinational and private companies, manufacturing and customer service, B2B and B2G.

He facilitated Lego®Serious Play® workshops for defining the strategy and identity of a new business function, for increasing sales and improving communication between departments, for marketing strategy, for creating a Business Model Canvas for the start up of a new non-profit initiative.

It developed the Global Operational Excellence strategy for an Italian multinational company, translated into executable plans and implemented in 6 countries between Europe and Asia.

He served as General Manager, led the Start up as General Manager of a Profit Center, headed an Operations division.

He has contributed to the implementation of transformation and cultural change programs, guided several programs and activities to improve business processes.

He trained C-Level and Professional.

Certified “Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt” at Tyco Group (France); certified for the “design and facilitation of Lego® Serious Play® workshops” at Rasmussen Consulting; MBA “Master24” at Il Sole 24 ore Business School; graduated in “Naval and Maritime Sciences” at the Naval Academy of Livorno

Raffaella Napoli

My name is Raffaella, I am currently a Business Coach. I have reinvented myself several times into new professional careers, with a common red line that connects all the experiences I have made so far. I was born in Milan, but I have always lived in Rome. I graduated in Mathematics and, after a short experience in teaching, I was hired by a Multinational Consulting Company. I have been working there for 6 years during which I had the chance to learn several important abilities such as working hard to achieve specific goals, team building while always complying with
tight deadlines.
In 2006 I completely changed my life by founding my own Start-Up in Rome in the Third Sector. I have been the owner and entrepreneur of this company for 11 years. I convinced myself that we definitely need to raise the quality of the services offered and at the same time we need to go back to the heart of the Human Relationships.
Due to circumstances of my personal life I have decided to move to Milan where I am currently working as a WABC certified Business Coach (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) through the WE + Network School which I now collaborate with. I am passionate about this job!
I continuously train myself in order to improve my knowledge and my business skills. For this reason, I have chosen the most accredited schools and above all the ones which use the evidence-based approach. As, for example, the Summit of Executive Coaches from around the world (Wbecs, World Business & Executive Coach Summit, which consists of a training of 70 sessions for a total of
approx. 100 hours).
I am an associated member of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and here I am having the opportunity to experience deep exchanges among other colleagues. I support and believe in the cooperation among fellow coaches and our common network.
Through the AoEc (Academy of Executive Coaching) I followed the intensive module on the systemic approach of Prof. Peter Hawkins for Teamwork (Systemic Team Coaching) and I have the licence to submit the 360 Questionnaire (TC 360).
I believe in the development of the person as one and unique entity throughout Body and Mind.
This belief has been consolidated in me following a long path of personal awareness that I decided to undertake with the use of the Bioenergetic Approach.
In my free time I love travelling around the world together with my husband and my daughter Asia, I can happily confirm that this experience always opens mind further.
I am inspired by the words of Ghandi: “Be the change you want to see in the world!” And I’m committed to improve myself every day in this direction, implementing concrete actions and projects.

Stefania Santucci

Positive, receptive, open to change

Management Consultant, Business Coach (she is Registered Corporate Coach since 2018), Stefania has a solid professional and managerial experience.
For a long time she worked at TIM (Telecom Italia) where she held various roles ranging in many different areas and corporate functions: from HR (Organization and Development) to Strategic Marketing up to the commercial development of technological partnerships.
Despite the humanistic education, she has always worked in “high-tech” contexts, living with a prominent role, and from a privileged point of view, the greatest technological transformations of the ICT market sector during the last 20 years (birth and boom of Mobile telephony, Web based technologies widespread, Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation). Today she works as a consultant in a company, leader of the market of Cybersecurity solutions (another topical trend), to develop marketing projects, commercial strategies and sales processes.
All this without ever neglecting, in the different roles covered over time, the focus on People (with a capital P!).
She is committed to the study of leadership models transformation, fostered by the social and economic evolutions as well as by the pervasive new technologies. Stefania is actively and passionately engaged in groups and associations dedicated to the enhancement of female talent and leadership, willing to give her personal contribution to undermine stereotypes and to create a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

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